Biology, Advanced Level, Syllabus 2018-2019


Teacher: Scott Lawrence

Office/Phone: 284-7100


Tutoring: 8:00 – 8:25 am Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri


(Other times by appointment.)



Alabama Biology – Stephen Nowicki, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 2016.


Course Description

Biology, Advanced Level is a science course consisting of a study of plants, animals, and microorganisms involving laboratory investigations. Ecological concepts that emphasize the interdependence of all living things are stressed. Biology, Advanced Level integrates elements of physical and earth science as they relate to the living environment. It also includes a detailed study of the chemistry of the cell and its activities, photosynthesis and respiration, genetics, and the structure and function of plant and animal systems. Microscope techniques and usage are stressed and a number of dissections are performed. Biology, Advanced Level is a preparatory course for AP Biology and is recommended for students with gifted classification. This course is weighted 0.5 extra quality points.


High priority is placed on developing critical thinking skills by examining real world problems. Students are ultimately responsible for their learning; therefore, they should be organized, prepared, and motivated to learn every day. Laboratory investigations will play a prominent role in the course, and students will be expected to design and carry out experiments using appropriate methods and resources.


Semester 1 Topics

Semester 2 Topics

Unit 1: Macromolecules

Unit 6: Mendelian Genetics

Unit 2: Cell Biology

Unit 7: Unity and Diversity (LUDA)

Unit 3:Cells and Energy

Unit 8: Classification (LUDA)

Unit 4: Cell Cycle

Unit 9: Ecology

Unit 5: DNA and RNA





If a student has an excused absence for missing class, s/he must contact the teacher for a list of missed work. The teacher will allow up to three days (or number of total school days missed) from the excused absence to make up the missed work. The student is the one responsible for this time frame. Any work not made up in the required time frame will receive a grade of Zero. Tardies will be marked in the computer and after the third tardy the student will be referred to the office according to the code of student behavior.


Laboratories -

During the year students will be given lab assignments to further refine lessons from class. Materials from these labs will come from Alabama Science in Motion and are addressed in a separate handout. These are skill building assignments meant to give a practical example of some scientific concept. All lab work must be submitted in a hand written lab report which will be graded for completion and correctness. Instructions will be posted on the website a minimum of one week before each lab.


Required Materials
  3-ring binder with loose leaf paper
  Writing utensils (black or blue pen and/or pencil)
  Colored pencils (1 pack of 12 or 24)



You must have a notebook which must be kept up to date and will be evaluated as a grade. You are responsible to check for materials missed. To help in the case of absence, a sample notebook with table of contents will be kept in the classroom. Also the table off contents will be posted on the web page.






General Rules for Assignments:

•               Must be handed in at the beginning of the period.

•               Must be neatly written and logically organized.

•               Must show all work for credit

•               Must be student’s original work (handwritten)



65% Major – Includes Tests, Labs and Projects

35% Minor – Includes Quizzes, Daily Work and Homework.


Classroom Expectations: 
1. Bags, purses, jackets, etc. will be properly stored in designated areas of the classroom.
2. Food and drink are prohibited in working science labs. 
3. Late work will be accepted. However, a deduction of 10% per day will be assessed on late assignments except Homeworks. No exceptions, no excuses. If you know you are going to be absent, let the teacher know ahead of time so arrangements can be made for turning in work.
4. Do not throw any class-work away. You will need it to review for quizzes, tests, and the semester exams.
5. Cheating is unacceptable in any form. Cheating includes, but is not limited to: copying homework, copying lab analysis answers, plagiarizing written assignments, copying test answers, use of electronics to find test answers. The first time copying occurs, all people involved will receive a zero on the assignment and your parents/guardians will be notified. If it occurs again, you will be referred to the principal. Cheating DOES NOT help you learn. (Refer to Brewbaker Tech Plagiarism Policy)
6. You are responsible for your lab station. Keep it clean and organized to make lab breakdown easier at the end of class. Lab groups will not be dismissed until their lab station is cleaned completely.

7. Possession of Cell Phones or other telecommunication devices
     Please refer to the MPS Code of Student Behavior

Study Techniques
The most common problem students have is that their study skills are not adequate for high school level classes. Studying involves more than just "cramming” the night before a test. The following are suggestions to improve your general study skills.

  1. Prepare for class before coming by reading over your notes soon after you have written them and also read over the sections of your text that will be covered in that day's lecture.
  2. Make and use a vocabulary list as you go.
  3. Do all homework, study questions, etc.
  4. Keep your handouts, lecture notes, and study questions organized in a notebook.
  5. Always read assigned material and make sure you outline all the main ideas and not just a single item in a section.
  6. Pay attention and do not daydream in class.
  7. Study frequently and in small doses. Cramming does not foster long term understanding that will stick with you!
  8. Set up a study group and study with friends.
  9. Understand figures and diagrams from class discussions and from your text.
  10. If you are having trouble with the material, get help early.  Do not wait until TEST DAY!!!



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