3rd Nine Weeks Calendar

Mrs. Keeton

World History

Ninth Grade



Jan. 6: NO SCHOOL – Teacher Workday

Jan. 7/8: File papers, Review Test Prep Binder, Complete Ch. 12 Scavenger Hunt

Jan. 9/10: Lecture/Discussion 12-1 The Industrial Revolution; Receive BHM Project Sheet

Jan. 13: Complete Industrial Revolution Writing Prompt

Jan. 14/15: Ch. 12 Notebook Day/Black History Month Project Day!

Jan. 16/17: Lecture/Discussion 12-2 Nationalism; Reaction and Revolution

Jan. 20: NO SCHOOL – MLK Day!

Jan. 21/22: Take 12-1 and 12-2 Quiz and Lecture/Discussion 12-3 National Unification

Jan. 23/24: Lecture/Discussion 12-4; Take 12-3 and 12-4 Quiz, Complete ACOS Review

Jan. 27: Take Ch. 12 Industrial Revolution Test and receive Ch. 13 Scavenger Hunt; Black History Month Project Boards DUE (BHM)

Jan. 28/29: Ch. 13 Scavenger Hunt DUE, Ch. 12 Notebook DUE, Lecture/Discussion 13-1

Jan. 30/31: Complete VENN Diagram; Lecture/Discussion 13-2 Emergence of Mass Society

Feb. 3: Take Ch. 13-1 and 13-2 Quiz; Work on World Events

Feb. 4/5: Lecture/Discussion 13-3 National States and Democracy

Feb. 6/7: Lecture/Discussion 13-4 Modern Consciousness and Complete ACOS Review

**Feb.7: Legacy Museum/Memorial and Simply Southern field trip – (All Day Trip)

Feb. 10: Take Ch. 13-3 and 13-4 Quiz and Review for test (Additional review & discussion for students who had me on Feb. 7.)

Feb. 11/12: Take Ch. 13 Mass Society Test and start Ch. 14 Scavenger Hunt

Feb. 13/14: Ch. 14 Scavenger Hunt DUE - “Celebrating Black History and Love” DAY

Feb. 17: NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

Feb. 18/19: World Events DUE and Lecture/Discussion 14-1 Imperialism

Feb. 20/21: Lecture/Discussion 14-2 Empire Building in Africa

**Feb. 20: Field trip to AMC to see “Just Mercy” – (Will return by noon for lunch)

Feb. 24: Take Ch. 14-1 and 14-2 Quiz (Additional review & discussion for 3rd period students who had me on Feb. 20th)

Feb.25/26: Lecture/Discussion 14-3 Imperialist British rule in India and complete ACOS Review

Feb. 27/28: Lecture/Discussion 14-4 Imperial rule in Latin America (Nation Building) and Take Ch. 14-3 and 14-4 Quiz

Mar.2: Take Ch.14 Imperialism Test and receive Ch. 15 Scavenger Hunt and receive Ch.15 project sheet

Mar. 3/4: Ch. 15 Scavenger Hunt DUE and Lecture/Discussion 15-1 East Asia challenged

Mar. 5/6: Lecture/Discussion 15-3 Rise of Modern Japan

Mar. 9: Take Ch. 15-1 and 15-2 Quiz and Lecture/Discussion 15-2 Revolution in China

Mar. 10/11: Possible “Frozen” Schedule (ACT) – These days will be review days for the test

Mar. 12/13: Take Ch. 15 Test and begin recording videos for the Ch. 15 Project

***All projects must be completed over the Spring Break holidays!

Mar. 16 – 20: NO SCHOOL – Spring Break!

Mar. 23: Projects are DUE (First Major Grade for 4th nine weeks!)

(NOTE: Calendar is subject to change based on the needs of the students, teacher, and school.)