Re-Opening Procedures for BrewTech

Re-Opening Procedures for BrewTech
Re-Opening Procedures

BrewTech Magnet High School

Re-Opening Procedures for Students – Version 1; 9/29/2020


This document has been compiled as a summary of procedures that are being implemented to ensure the safety of our students, teachers, and administrators as we move back towards face-to-face instruction.  Please consider this a working document that will likely see updates and changes as we move forward.  We ask for your patience and cooperation as we work together to make our learning environment as safe and productive as possible.

Please review this document with your family and become familiar with every item.  

We ask for your patience and grace as our teachers work through how they will provide F2F and Virtual instruction simultaneously that is high quality and rigorous.  Every BrewTech teacher is committed to our students and their success.  

Any questions may be addressed to Mrs. Lee and/or Mr. Norred.  Email is the most efficient means.  Include “Opening Procedures Question” in the subject line and be sure to include the parent’s phone number should Mrs. Lee or Mr. Norred need to contact you directly.



  • Guidance:



  • School day returns to 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM both for Face to Face (F2F) students and Virtual students. 
  • Mondays will NOT be 7-period class days.  Mondays will alternate between being an ODD class day and an EVEN class day. 
  • Virtual students will join the classroom virtually at each class start-time and remain “in class” for instruction as directed by the teacher. 
  • Work assignments will continue to be submitted through Schoology for both F2F and Virtual students for the immediate future unless otherwise indicated by the teachers. 
  • Uniforms will be required for those attending F2F.
  • Students are required to wear masks while on campus. Must be appropriate for school.
  • Brew Tech bus students will be picked up,  in the morning,  at LAMP High School at TBA a.m. In the afternoon, the bus will pick up Brew Tech Students at TBA p.m. and transport them back to LAMP High School.



  • ARRIVAL TIME: Students are not permitted to arrive on campus any earlier than 7:40 AM.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted by the administration if a student arrives on campus prior to 7:40 AM.
  • SCHOOL ENTRY: Students may enter the building at 8:10 AM from one of 4 entry points including: (1) Main office doors, (2) 400 building doors, (3) Bus lane gate doors, and (4) Student parking backlot door.  (Late bell is at 8:30 AM)

                                          Carpool Riders:  Enter through the main doors near the office or the 400 building doors by Ms. Vardaman and Coach Dykes’ classrooms, whichever door is closer to your student’s homeroom.

Bus Riders: Enter through the bus lane doors at the 100-building gate

Student Drivers:  Enter through the student parking backlot entry door.


*Students with P.E. homeroom in the gym should report directly to the gym at 8:10 AM.  ONLY students who have P.E. homeroom will be allowed in the gym.


    • Student drivers should remain in their own cars until allowed into the building.
    • Students are prohibited from getting into the car of another student, congregating in the parking lot, or standing in groups about the campus.
    • School building doors will be propped open for student entry and dismissal at the beginning and end of the school day to reduce touch points on the door handles.  Otherwise, doors will be secured during the day.
    • Students will report directly to their homeroom classroom.  If a student wants breakfast, they may pick it up in the cafeteria and take it with them to their homeroom classroom.



  • TEMPERATURES will be taken with touchless thermometers at each of the 4 entrance points to the school every day as students enter the building.  Temperatures will also be taken as students with P.E. homeroom as they enter the gym.
    • Students with a temperature of 100 or higher will NOT be permitted to enter the school building and will be escorted to the Nurse’s Office now located in the 300 building (metal building).  A parent/guardian will be called and instructed to pick up their student from the Nurse.
  • MASKS are required for entry and must be worn all day except while the student is eating breakfast or lunch.
    • A student without a mask will NOT be permitted into the building and will be required to wait outside while a parent is called to either bring a mask or to pick the student up. 
    • Bandanas and neck gaiters are NOT permitted during the school day.

CLASS MEETING SCHEDULE:  Four class periods will be held each day, Monday through Friday.  (During this time, holding 7 class periods on Mondays will be suspended in an effort to lower student contact by reducing the frequency of class changes.) 

  • TUESDAY / THURSDAYODD class periods will meet
  • WEDNESDAY / FRIDAYEVEN class periods will meet.
  • MONDAY – Mondays will alternate between being ODD class periods and EVEN class periods.
  • 5th PERIOD WILL MEET EVERY DAY – as normal.  This is our lunch wave class period.
  • HOMEROOM WILL MEET EVERY DAY – as normal.  Daily announcements will be made.
  • TECH TIME WILL BE HELD EVERY DAY (Tech Time is a 30-minute mini-period during which students work on enrichment activities such as ACT test prep, homework assignments, college representative presentations & meetings, and organization meetings when appropriate.  Students are assigned a “TECH TIME” teacher by grade and are to report to that teacher’s classroom for the 30-minute class period.
    • Students MUST stay in their assigned Tech Time classrooms during this mini-period and are prohibited from visiting other classrooms
    • No in-person tutoring, test make-ups, or meetings unless they are held virtually.
    • Virtual Students will receive information regarding Tech Time from their Tech Time teacher in Schoology.  



  • HALLWAYS – Students will walk single-file in the hallways while keeping to the right to allow for social distancing at all times.  Floors will have tape on them to remind students.
  • CROSSROADS LOBBY – The school lobby, referred to by students as “The Crossroads,” will be marked so to direct students to walk through in a “roundabout” fashion as they navigate the four-way intersection. All other crossroads throughout the school will be treated the same. 
  • RESTROOMS – To prevent crowding in the restrooms, students will NOT be permitted to visit the restrooms in between classes.  Teachers will issue restroom passes to students during class time.
    • For safety reasons, there will be a two-person at a time limit for all restrooms. 
    • It will be the responsibility of the student to remain outside if two people are already in the restroom.
    • Select restroom stalls and sinks will be restricted from being used with signs and tape in order to allow for social distancing for students.
  • GUIDANCE OFFICE & FRONT OFFICE: Students will NOT be allowed to visit the front office or guidance during class changes.  Teachers will issue passes on a need basis.
  • LIBRARY – Library resources will continue to be available to both F2F and Virtual students.  



  • Classrooms will be sprayed, wiped down, and/or fogged at least once a day. 
  • Computer monitors and surfaces will also be sanitized.
  • Students are expected to maintain social distancing while in a classroom and while seated at a computer.  
  • Masks will be required in every classroom all day. 



  • PERSONAL & MPS LAPTOP COMPUTERS - Students are encouraged to bring their own computer device in a backpack if they own one or if they have checked out an MPS Chromebook.  
  • SCHOOL DESKTOPS: For those who don’t have a personal laptop, desktop computers will be available for your use.  Disposable keyboard covers will be available.  Computer mice will be distributed for each student to use in each classroom.
  • HEADPHONES: Students are also encouraged to bring their own headphones for use with computers as needed.



  • BREAKFAST: Students who would like breakfast should report to the lunchroom immediately after entering the building. Breakfast will be available as “grab and go” meals that the student will eat in their homeroom classroom.    
  • LUNCH: Lunch will continue to be served during 5th period.  Teachers will escort one class at a time to the lunchroom to pick up their “grab and go” lunch.  Students will return to their 5th-period classroom to eat.  
  • SNACKS:  Snacks will not be sold by any organization for the immediate future.
  • WATER BOTTLES: Students are welcome to bring in a water bottle. Any other beverages like Gatorade may be brought to school but must be in sealed containers whose seals have not yet been broken before the student enters the school.
    • Eating in the lunchroom or in the courtyard will not be permitted.
    • Students will only be allowed to eat during the established breakfast hours and their designated lunch time wave.              



  • SCHOOL DEPARTURE: School day dismissal bell rings at 3:30 PM.  Students are NOT permitted to remain on campus after 4:00 PM unless they are attending a sporting practice or other authorized school activity.  All students MUST leave or be picked up by 4:00 PM. Parents/Guardians will be contacted by the administration if a student remains on campus after 4:00 PM.
  • SCHOOL EXITS:  Students are to exit the buildings by way of the closest exterior door and may walk around the campus to arrive at the carpool line, bus lane, or student parking lot.
  • Students are prohibited from gathering in groups while waiting on a bus, a carpool, or while in the student parking lot.
  • Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to have an umbrella and proper cold-weather coats. Students will not be able to group under the awning for protection. They will HAVE to remain socially distanced, even in the event of rain and cold.



  • PARENT ACCESS – Parents will not be allowed to enter the building. 
    • Student Check-in and check-out will be handled through the front door. 
    • Excuses for absence or tardiness must still be provided through email to:
    • No delivery to students of lunches or forgotten items will be allowed. 
  • STUDENT ATTIRE - Please make sure your students have dressed appropriately for the expected weather. Students will not be allowed to enter the building early due to rain, cold, etc. 
    • BrewTech Uniform Code will be expected to be followed.  Uniforms must be worn Monday-Thursday.  Friday attire can be RAM wear and jeans.  See STUDENT HANDBOOK for details.  
  • STUDENT HEALTH: Please monitor the wellbeing of your student(s). If a student exhibits ANY symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how minor, please keep them at home for the safety of our teachers and other students.
  • TEACHER/PARENT CONFERENCES: All conferences will remain virtual. 



  • No outside food deliveries will be allowed. 
  • Water fountains will be disconnected.  Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles. 
  • Touchless hand sanitizing stations will be set up at each entry and at additional places in the school. Students are welcome to bring their own, small container of hand sanitizer to carry in their bookbag.
  • Students should limit the number of bags they bring to school to only that which is necessary for their day: a backpack for notebooks & a laptop, and possibly an athletic bag for those participating in sports. For student drivers, leave extra bags in cars when possible.  REMEMBER THAT BREWTECH DOES NOT HAVE LOCKERS.  No blankets will be allowed. 
  • PE / Introduction to Kinesiology classes will NOT dress out for activities. 
  • 9th grade and 12th grade English classes will continue to receive instruction through ACCESS for the remainder of the semester.  Course proctors will be present in the classroom during the students’ English period and will continue to monitor the progress of both the Virtual and F2F students.


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