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The uniform guidelines of the school coincide with MPS dress code, but in a more detailed and school specific form. The Code of Student Behavior sets forth guidelines concerning student dress and personal appearance for the school district.  At BrewTech, we expect our students not only to comply with MPS Board policy concerning dress and appearance, but also to be model students for others to emulate. The following guidelines apply to all students at Brew Tech:

Uniform Procedure for the 2019-20 School Year

The Uniform Procedure for BrewTech is intended to foster an academic environment.  The following procedure has been developed to help students comply with the school’s requirements.  Appearance should be neat and clean and reflect a conservative style of dress, which will endorse an atmosphere of intellectual growth and positive conduct.  This procedure is also intended to give our students a sense of unity and pride in their school.

Parents and students are expected to help to establish the quality environment for each child’s education by adhering to this uniform procedure.  The ultimate determination of appropriate dress will lie with the principal/assistant principal, but students should understand that they are answerable to every adult in the school.  Failure to comply with the uniform procedure will lead to appropriate disciplinary action.  


First violation Student will be sent to office to procure correct clothing. If a suitable garment is not available in the clothing closet, parents will be notified to bring a replacement. A pass will be issued and must be returned at the end of the day. The offending garment must be surrendered until the end of the day.

Second violation Parent will be contacted and required to take corrective action. A pass will be issued and must be returned at the end of the day. The offending garment must be surrendered until the end of the day. 

Third violation- will be upgraded to b10: Persistent/Willful Disobedience and consequences will be issued accordingly.

Revised Students Dress Code

Bottoms Male

Khaki Pants, Shorts.
*No sagging/baggy and no chains or jewelry may be attached
*No denim or corduroy

Bottoms - Female

Khaki Pants, Shorts,Skirts, Skorts.

* skirts that are plaid (#80) this is last year for this design as it is phased out.

*Length should not be above the knee

*No tight pants of any kind.


Brew Tech emblem only, then there can not be any other insignia.

Collared Polo type shirt in short or long sleeve correctly fitted(solid white, gray, light blue, or black)

Oxford Style button down correctly fitted (solid white or light blue)


Brew Tech emblem only, then there can not be any other insignia.

Brew Tech hoodies or sweatshirts (Monday-Thursday- gray, black, light blue, or white; Friday- any colored Brew Tech hoodie) -NO other type sweatshirts or hoodies.


Black or brown leather belt. Belts are to be worn inside belt loops
*No large, rhinestone, or initial/name buckles


Any closed toe shoe with heel no higher than two inches


Brew Tech emblem only, then there can not be any other insignia.

Pullover Crew Sweater, Sweater vest, or Button front cardigan (solid white, solid black, solid light blue, or solid gray) with uniform-collared shirt worn underneath.


Worn in modesty (no large hoop earrings)
No bangles or long necklaces
No elaborate and/or distracting makeup

Hair styles

Neatly groomed
No unusual hairstyles or colors that are distracting or obtrusive


No facial piercings except for religious customs.

Additional Uniform Procedure Information

  • Fridays are to be designated as “Brewtech Spirit Days.” On these days, students may wear blue jeans or denim capris with any Brewtech T-shirt or Uniform shirt. No denim shorts or skirts will be permitted. Jeans with holes and/or jeans that are frayed will not be permitted. Jeans may not bag or sag and may not have any chains or jewelry attached to them. This exception may be withdrawn by administration at any time if it becomes abused or distracting in the classroom.

  • Uniforms must be clean and neat and correctly fitted and not expose midriff.

  • No hats, caps, blankets or sunglasses will be worn in the building.

  • Headgear that is specifically religious or medical will be allowed. (*MPS Dress Code)

  • Athletes are required to check with coaches concerning Athletic dress code tops on game days. Uniform bottoms must always be worn.

  • Cheerleading uniforms may only be worn during pep rallies and on select days with prior permission from the Principal.

  • Refer to *MPS Code of Student Behavior for clarification.

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